Visit Switzerland

Ambling in limbo

illiterate and alien

wary of pregnant pauses 

she drags two shadows

like overlarge luggage 

over miles of gravel

leans over ledges 

to air dirty laundry

as her insides tumble 

down spiral staircases

the shiny white air

burns her paper lungs

starts to question her

own reflection against

the river cleaving

the city:

green glass

 clear to the bottom

and slim swimmers

  slice straight paths 

      alongside swans.





Landlocked, but there’s still seagulls

floating on the cold morning wind

and crowding thin black puddles

in the Shopper’s World parking lot

that sits empty most days.


A police car drives by once, twice.


He’s watching me watching the seagulls,

trying to determine what the trouble is,

if any.